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Who we are

With over 25 years in the field, Ferrara Palladino Lightscape offers a significant track record and extensive experience in lighting design. Headed by Cinzia Ferrara (architect) and Pietro Palladino (engineer) the design practice uses light to enhance the experience of the visual environment, combining creativity and technical know-how with innovative and creative solutions.
The studio, located in Milan, aims at understanding and conceptualize the lighting elements which create the unique impact of each project. The studio is recognized internationally as a point of reference in lighting design, acting as an educational laboratory, experimenting with projects and products in interior and exterior lighting.

Our Philosophy

Creativity, Technology, and Innovation summarize our approach to lighting design. We combine these aspects, in order to create form, style and function and provide cutting edge solutions to the lighting projects.

Lighting design and its implementation in architecture is a creative process and at Ferrara Palladino Lightscape we draw on our creativity to produce elegant and functional installations. Whether collaborating with other designers or managing the full design process, we explore the creative possibilities in a permanent dialogue and interaction with our clients.

Our team strongly believes in employing the latest technology to make the programming and diagnostics of our lighting systems as simple as possible for our clients. We focus on the human interaction with technology in order to produce user friendly interfaces and self-monitoring systems. We also work closely with manufacturers to develop custom made elements to be integrated into our lighting installations.

Always open to research, we are constantly ready to push the limits of lighting equipment and visual effects in order to satisfy the requirements of our clients. In each project, we aim to integrate the existing systems, source the latest components as well as create custom fixtures in order to achieve innovative solutions: more efficient, functional and spectacular.

What we do

Although we tend to price projects on a case by case basis, this is a guide to the services and project packages we offer to our clients.


Lighting and electric survey
Architectural report
Lighting report
Lighting strategy
Orientation and Safety
Priorities assessment
Cost assessment
Final Drawings
Execution Plans
Technical Specifications
Lighting reports


Concept Design
Conceptual lighting
Lighting design propositions
Intervention strategy
Design Scheme
Lighting layouts
Lighting calculations
3D visualization
Preliminary cost estimation
Detail Design
Working drawings
Energy consumption estimation
Assistance to 3D visualization and animation
Bill of quantity
Final review
Programming the control equipment
Maintenance report


Client Briefing
Price assessment
Concept Development
Materials -components
Cost estimation
Preliminary 3D model
Technical drawings
Optical devices design
Cost estimations
Prototyping assistance
Photometric testing
Assistance to Production


Assessing existing lighting systems
Evaluation reports
Preliminary advising
Technical Support
Feasibility study
Technical input
Advising for better solutions
Priorities assessment
Cost assessment
Monitoring and Surveillance
Review of submitted documents
Evolution reports
Advising for better solutionsn



2011: Winner “Architectural valorization of a historical building in corso Venezia Milan”/ with Quattroassociati
2010: Winner “International competition for the park in new city fairground redevelopment area, so called Citylife” in Milan/with Gustafson Porter, Melk, Ove Arup and One Works.
2010: Winner “Development of the waterfront of Lake Como” /with Cino Zucchi 2010: Winner “Exterior lighting of the Cassino Abbey”/with Cassino University.
2009: Winner “New lighting for the Museum Poldi Pezzoli”
2008: Winner “Lighting masterplan of the city of Mantua”
2007: Winner “International competition for the valorization of 25 monumental sites in Matera”
2006: Winner “New church in Trezzano S.N., Milan/with Quattroassociati
2004: Winner ”New church in S.S. Giovanni” /with Cino Zucchi
2004: Winner “Lighting qualification of urban areas and monumental sites in Sassari”
2002: Winner “Building in the waterfront of Trieste” /with Mario Bellini.
2001: Winner “Domusnovas Caves in Sardinia”
2001: Award of Merit IESNA 2001 for Vatican Necropolis, Vatican City
2000: Award of Excellence IESNA 2000 for S.Galgano Abbey, Siena.
2004: Finalist “International competition for the valorisation of the area of the Darsena in Milan”/with Studio Quattroassociati
2004: Finalist “International competition for the project of the New film Palace in Venice” /with Bolles+Wilson.


Pietro Palladino
is one of the most accredited Italian experts in lighting.
He has carried out prestigious projects in various applicable sectors, conjugating creativity and method with functionality and aesthetics. In addition to designing activity, he is also involved in technical consulting for public administration, manufacturing companies, and service companies in the lighting sector. The constant and profuse commitment in divulging the matter has driven him to assume didactical roles in public and private areas and to promote initiatives leading to diffusion of the culture of light in its broadest sense.
He holds seminars and lectures on themes related to lighting techniques for nearly ten years at the Polytechnic of Milan.

Cinzia Ferrara
trained as an architect, her main interest is the the special relationship between light and architecture.
She is concerned the role that lighting can play in the dynamics of human space, she works in a wide variety of settings, interiors and exteriors, approaching lighting from all aspects: human, aesthetical, technical, to create innovative and original design solutions. With more than 25 years of experience, she has worked on a wide variety of projects for both public and private clients. She is former President of APIL (Italian Association of Lighting Designers).
She is currently involved in didactical activities at Italian academies and institutions where she holds seminaries and lectures on themes related to lighting techniques and applications.