Palazzo Grassi, Contemporary Art Museum 2019-09-09T09:56:14+00:00

Project Description

Overlooking the Canal Grande, Palazzo Grassi presents major temporary exhibitions. It’s a perfect example of dialogue between neoclassical architecture and modern renovation solution.
Custom-made long “beams” equipped with lighting are hanging wall to wall and provide the correct luminous flux on the works of art. The lighting system has been designed according to the specific exhibition’s needs. A main characteristic of the lighting is the flexibility of the system. Spots are not dismounted when not used, but folded inside the beams. In some rooms direct lighting is mixed with indirect lighting.


Architectural design: Tadao Ando
Plant and facilities design: E.Tranquilli, A.Lagrecacolonna,Tecnobrevetti, S.Rigato.
General contractor: Dottor Group
Photo: Graziano Arici
Categories: Architecture-Landscape