Allianz Cloud Stadium 2019-09-06T14:33:14+00:00

Project Description

The new stadium is a versatile, modern and well equipped to deliver the perfect venue for any type of event. Definitely more than just a stadium for volley ball, basket, boxing and other major sports events, Allianz Cloud can host a wide range of live music concerts, shows and performances. The stadium took over for the famous Palalido, historical multipurpose arena, after being closed for almost ten years. Thanks to an intelligent control system and a glare free lighting installation, inside the building the spectators have a clear view of the activities on the field. The versatile lighting is adaptable to indoor sports as well as entertainments of any kind. 114 projectors have been installed to illuminate the field according to FIVB Volley ball and FIBA regulations, EU standards and to guarantee HD TV shooting. 20 projectors illuminate the stadium seatings. Maintenance operations are easily done by suspended catwalks. The exterior shell of the stadium is joyfully enhanced by discreet luminous rgb luminous lines that match the curves of the cloud. All lighting systems are controlled by DMX protocol.


Photo: Max Pintus – Categories: Architecture-Landscape