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Project Description

Conceived and executed by Tadao Ando, this restoration maintains the spirit of architectural continuity of the preceding renovations of Punta della Dogana and Palazzo Grassi. It has a trapezoid plan of approximately 1000 square meters, located near Palazzo Grassi. Once the external wrapping that keeps unchanged the preexisting outline of the structure was rebuilt, Tadao Ando inserted inside an entirely new volume that defines the area for theatrical performances and screenings and, giving an architectural shape to the space – it stands out like a new work of art…

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Architectural design: Tadao Ando
Plant and facilities design: E.Tranquilli, A.Lagrecacolonna,Tecnobrevetti, S.Rigato.
General contractor: Dottor Group
Photo: ORCH_orsenigo chemollo
Categories: Architecture-Landscape